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Ocean View Neuropsychiatry is Orange County’s leading clinical Adult, child and adolescent  psychiatry practice. With the convenient location in Newport Beach, CA, Ocean View Neuropsychiatry offers a wide range of treatments provided by qualified and compassionate doctors in a comfortable office environment. The experience at Ocean View Neuropsychiatry is designed to make everyone’s life easier, from effective treatment solutions to simple office conveniences, such as flexible hours with evening and weekend appointments.

Treatment at Ocean View Neuropsychiatry begins with a comprehensive assessment to determine whether the situation is primarily medical (such as with thyroid disease), psychiatric (such as with psychosis or depression), or environmental. The doctors foster a collaborative approach here, consulting not only with the patient, but also their family, primary care physician, teachers, and therapist in order to determine the best path to the most effective care. They believe that the best treatment decisions are made as a team, with the patient being the most important team member.

The doctors at Ocean View Neuropsychiatry are both double board-certified and have spent years helping people of all ages with a range of disorders, such as behavioral problems, mood changes, thought disorders, ADHD, and anxiety disorders like panic disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Some of the outpatient services offered include evaluation and diagnosis, individual and family psychotherapy, medication assessment and management, referrals for psychological testing, and laboratory blood work.

At Ocean View Neuropsychiatry, patients fulfill their clinical needs and overcome their personal difficulties with treatments that have been demonstrated to be effective. All it takes is one first step to begin the journey to a better life.

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Ocean View Neuropsychiatry
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