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What is Psychological testing?

Psychological testing involves administration, scoring, interpretation of tests, as well as a written report to be presented and reviewed with parents. The cost of a full psychological assessment is determined by the total number of hours required to complete this evaluation process from the test administration time with your child to the results review session at the rate of $225 per hour.

Who performs Psychological testing?

Dr. Celosse is a licensed clinical psychologist who provides comprehensive Neuropsychological testing, and also psychological testing and evaluation for a variety of concerns including Autism, ADD/ADHD, and educational/learning disorders. Dr. Celosse additionally specializes in the treatment of anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, behavior issues, and substance use.

How much will psychological testing cost?

Typically, a full assessment will range from $1200 – $5000 depending on the battery of tests performed which can range from 15 minutes to 120 minutes per each test and includes records review, consultations and discussion as outlined below. Full payment will be required on the first day of testing. Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card.

Ocean View Neuropsychiatry does not accept insurance, and will not call, write or fax insurance companies. Rather, we provide information to the client, such as an itemized invoice, that the client may forward to an insurance company. The client must request this information directly as Ocean View Neuropsychiatry will not respond to requests by insurance companies in order to maintain your confidentiality.

Autism/Developmental Delays

Ages 4 years and younger – $2195

Ages 5 years and older – $2495

Learning Disabilities And Educational Testing

ADHD screener – $1995

Complete psychoeducational assessment – $4995

For more information regarding Neuropsychological assessments, please follow the link:

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